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Hello, something weird happen to my computer, think i got something from the malware hub.... :(

i can't run .exe files, it says i don't have enough privages, so i can't install a new anti-virus, since i deleted Emsisoft and wanted to go back to Kaspersky, but now i can't install cus of this..

Anyone know what to do? Or am i screwed? :(

Really appriciate all help,

Best Regards.


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I have Windows 10, I have A Local Admin Account.

The " ExeFixer " does not work, it says i don't might have the right to access the file.

Im so screwed..


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first of all as a priority >
If you are sure this was caused by some malware infection, seek assistance in the Malware removal subforum Malware Removal Assistance
You can also try some of these:
1. Are you on a admin account or a guest account??
2. The default permissions can be set manually to the admin account(if it's you) in the properties>security or using cmd(again requires admin mode)( this is a good guide for Windows 10 : Take Ownership Of Files And Get Full Access In Windows 10)
3.A corrupted user profile on windows can also lead to such problems, in that case you can try creating a new profile Fix a corrupted user profile - Windows Help
4. If you have system restore service ON, you can simply roll back to a previous system restore point.
5. you can try Windows repair by tweaking.com Tweaking.com - Windows Repair Free/Pro (It has an option to reset default files/folder permissions - use at your own risk)
6. If everything else fails, do a clean backup restoration( hoping you make regular backups) so you can get your system back the way it was when backup was made.

EDIT : link updated for windows 10 ownership issue.
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Listen to what @Huracan suggests and post a thread on the Malware Removal Assistance sub-forum.

You messed around with malware.

The symptoms you describe strongly suggest system changes made by malware.

Some malwares will disable user\account privileges or even disable an account altogether and\or enable another - such as the hidden Admin account. Plus, they will alter the system to prevent the installation of an AV. Or malwares can just plain damage the system.

What you are experiencing is not uncommon for certain types of malware.

Your system needs to be inspected by a Malware Removal expert.


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Well likely your first step for here is try the tool on this link .

Where it includes too another link to Microsoft where simple registry script for removing the .EXE file association issues [if other steps did not work]. Then right away conduct a help in Malware Removal Assistance section to provide immediate solution.
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Just leaving this here for those who wish to mess with malware, and are not experienced in dealing with it.

The malware that is in that SubForum, is not a toy!!

You should always use a Virtual Machine when dealing with it.

VirTual Box
& Alternatives.

There are plenty of people here that deal with it every day, and would be willing to provide instructions on how to properly deal with.

If you are unsure of anything then click here; this is a list of people you can ask.

Take heed in the warnings, the malware gathered is real and can do real damage to your operating system.


No offense to OP, as this may help someone in the future who wishes to walk down this path.


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Alright guys, thanks ONCE AGAIN, for all the help!

I have got it to work, found a old backup. Thanks so much!
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