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I have been having issues with Malwaretips in regarding CanvasBlocker, I cannot access Notfification, Mail, Search etc or any of the drop down menus after Forums, News etc. Anyone know the reason for this and can this be resolved?

The temp resolution I have is to whitelist the site at the moment.



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I just installed the canvasblocker to see if it has any issues, for me not. The extension been updated 4 days ago last time it seems...its probably just some extension confligting with canvasblocker. I would use trace instead, it has fingerprint protection and much more. I had problems with canvasblocker on other sites time ago, so i just swapped to trace and it wont break sites for me

Well after trying out the canvasblocker i may replace trace with it, the fingerptint protection is more advanced than trace has
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