Capcom: 390,000 people may be affected by ransomware data breach


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Aug 17, 2014
Capcom has released a new update for their data breach investigation and state that up to 390,000 people may now be affected by their November ransomware attack.
On November 2nd, Capcom suffered a cyberattack by the Ragnar Locker ransomware operation who stated they stole 1TB of data from the company. The ransomware operation demanded an $11 million ransom in bitcoins to not release the stolen files and provide a decrypter.
Soon after Ragnar Locker leaked Capcom's stolen data, the company disclosed that they suffered a data breach where nine types personal information were exposed.
In an update to the investigation released today, Capcom states that they have confirmed 16,415 people whose personal information was exposed, with a possible total number of affected people to be 390,000.
"As an update to its ongoing investigation, the company has verified that the personal information of an additional 16,406 people has been compromised, making the cumulative number since this investigation began 16,415 people."
"Further, the company has also ascertained that the potential maximum number of customers, business partners, and other external parties etc., whose personal information may have been compromised in the attack is approximately 390,000 people," Capcom's latest update reveals.