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JM Safe

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CCleaner is on the wrong binary for sure, if you take a look at Android version, it is full of ads, slow, and it uses dozens of MB.
I use V 1.25.104, the last serious version that does what it says and without frills.
CCleaner for Android is almost useless because in most of phones there are built-in cleaners.


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This happened to me on Chrome.

Except... I saw the opt-out checkbox, and.... and I believe I checked it.

It was a little tiny obscure opt-out box. Not consistent with honest business practices.

Soooo.... I was surprised when I saw Avast on my system later.

Until I saw this news, I just assumed I was careless about making sure the opt-out box was checked.

Now... I'm not so sure.

And.... Avast didn't care that I already had two AVs on that particular computer. It still loaded itself.

Very annoying.

And that's when I was glad I had Revo Pro. The Avast uninstaller left a lot of crap behind after the Avast uninstallation process.


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ts weird, never happened to me before, although i am currently running Avast, however, it does say that this was meant to be fixed in v5.39 (nearly a year ago now), and it was never intended to automatically install Avast, and then v5.41, was done to suppress the Avast AV offer if previously declined therefore it would not show again.

On their website, it does state the "Avast install is optional and requires your consent. You can choose not to install Avast by unchecking the box"
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