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RE: Changing to Avast combing with Comodo firewall

Jack said:
Dieselman@Shoutbox Comodo and Avast conflict

Seems like this guy was using CIS..and not Comodo Firewall.....

@elliot .....I know that you use Comodo Firewall and Avast 6 .. any problems? what did you disable?
None visible, but I didn't install the Behaviour shield, IM shield or the Email shield since they'd just be adding to resource usage without any real use, and I don't want to waste CPU and RAM.
It has been a little while since I booted into windows, Ubuntu is more than enough.


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Jack is right from that guy he have AV,D+ and sandbox and definitely they will conflict together when the AV of comodo is installed. When he have Avast free AV.
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