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While I do have over 10,000 pieces of malware sitting on my desktop I feel secure with my setup. I'm careful, but I can't have real-time scanners detecting my collection over and over again. Sure, I could use virtualization software, but I trust in CIS to protect me.

I just thought people might be interested in seeing my security configuration.


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Yes, here is the criteria for how to determine your risk level:

A user with a low security risk does the following:
User only installs software from trusted websites
User doesn't use warez / cracks / keygens or p2p software
User visits sites he/she knows are safe
Therefore I think the fact that I purposefully download malware and then leave it sitting on my desktop technically makes me a high risk.

Of course I'm really not, but from the criteria that was my interpretation.


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bogdan said:
Why not excluding the samples folder from the av guard & scanner?
Because I do scan these from time to time, for different reasons.

Besides, when I download a file I'm not sure of, I do know how to check it before I actually run it on my computer.

I don't think enabling the real-time scanner would provide me with much increase in security.
(Note that this is not true for most users)


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I 'do' think opening files containing malware would increase my risk level, at which point enabling my realtime scanner might be considered '..a day late, and a dollar short!',:D but isn't that why Oracle develops Virtual Box!?o_O :);)