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Our company, which develops its products with 100% Turkish and high technology priority, operates in Mersin Technology Development Zone. CHOMAR Antivirus creates user experience focused, global targeted and multiplatform products which solve users' cybersecurity problems with innovative methods.
CHOMAR Antivirus, Turkey's first and only antivirus software developed with 100% Turkish technology, received OPSWAT Gold certificate, the highest criteria of OPSWAT certification and only 33 companies have worldwide, as of September 2016. It is Turkey's first and only antivirus software with this certificate. Our product quality's approval with OPSWAT Gold Certificate has made our product that is trusted by leading companies such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, F5 Networks, Citrix, and Palo Alto Networks, which are among the world's largest technology companies.

CHOMAR Antivirus

A large number of functionality without extra overhead.
CHOMAR Antivirus is designed to help you use your devices with high performance while ensuring your safety in the digital world.

Antivirus and Antispyware
Protects your computer against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Low Resource Consumption
Uses your system resources efficiently, protects your computer without slowing it down.

Heuristic Protection
Protects against new and known malware.

Internet Protection
Prevents access to harmful web sites. Automatically scans files downloaded from the Internet.

Real-time Protection
Detects threats in real time without affecting your computer.

Smart Scan
Protects your computer in one step with all-in-one scan.

Email Protection
Keeps unwanted or malicious emails out of your inbox, scans the attachments automatically.

Removable Media Management
Prevents to use of unknown removable media (USB memory, SD Card etc.)


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There's an existing thread about it.

I have tried it a few times and it has abysmal detection rates. They are using their own signatures and it would seem they don't have resources to develop decent signatures.


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Too inactive company/vendor for my taste as for example there Twitter feed never been used and that was created 2016. Zero database update information etc. Everyone of course starts from somewhere, but this case/project seems a bit too slow.


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How is their social media presence relevant? If they reply to emails in a timely manner, that should be enough.
Extremely relevant, simply because if a genuine company/vendor of any size propagate or advertise they actually have social media accounts of any kind, and at the same time don't use them for years, as in this case, it automatically show for anyone that perhaps is curious about the company and their products if they are active or not. That they also lack other normal information as I mentioned in my previous post, is also a cristal clear sign of inactivity.

The light might be on, but there's nobody home.