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Read at source: Yes Chrome is scanning your Windows PC, but it might be a bug

Chromium bug report: 829044 - Download history being loaded at browser startup - chromium - Monorail

Add some privacy terms and click-bait titles: Chrome Is Scanning Files on Your Computer, and People Are Freaking Out

As outlined back in October 2017: A cleaner, safer web with Chrome Cleanup
Sometimes when you download software or other content, it might bundle unwanted software as part of the installation process without you knowing. That’s why on Chrome for Windows, the Chrome Cleanup feature alerts people when it detects unwanted software and offers a quick way to remove the software and return Chrome to its default settings.

A more powerful Cleanup engine
Under the hood, we upgraded the technology we use in Chrome Cleanup to detect and remove unwanted software. We worked with IT security company ESET to combine their detection engine with Chrome’s sandbox technology. We can now detect and remove more unwanted software than ever before, meaning more people can benefit from Chrome Cleanup. Note this new sandboxed engine is not a general-purpose antivirus—it only removes software that doesn’t comply with our unwanted software policy.


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Interesting story. Followed instructions above and cleared my download history to give me that slight startup edge.

Once again, this opens up the pandoras box regarding whether Google Chrome is privacy invasive. I have tried the others, Comodo Dragon, SWIron, Slimjet etc. but always seem to come back to Chrome because Google stays on top of fixing their security holes, whereas the other "copies" lag behind.