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Jan 8, 2011
Blog Post: Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Stable channel has been updated to 70.0.3538.76 (Platform version: 11021.56.0) for most Chrome OS devices.

This build contains a number of bug fixes and security updates.

New Features
  • Allow users to enable Autofill separately for payment methods and addresses.
  • User controls for extension site access. Click for more info.
  • Add a search field to the text-to-speech settings page in accessibility settings
  • Adds an AV1 decoder to Chrome on x86 platforms. Click for more info.

Read Full Changes by Chrome OS 70 rolling out w/ completely redesigned tablet UI, floating Gboard, more | 9to5google
The first big change in Chrome OS 70 on touchscreen Chromebooks and convertibles, like the Pixelbook, is to the app shelf of pinned and active software. Styled like a Google Material Theme sheet with rounded corners, it is taller and allows for larger app icons that are now centered with a new horizontal open indicator underneath.

The control panel to the right has been massively revamped.

Elsewhere, a Gboard-based virtual keyboard is now available on Chrome OS with a floating keyboard option that is not docked to the bottom of the screen.

The Camera app has been updated with a refreshed UI, with captured photos and videos now stored in the Downloads folder for the Files app.

Beginning with this version, right-clicking on a Chrome Extension reveals new options to determine when add-ons are permitted to run.

AV1 is an open, industry-backed codec for more efficient and better quality video streaming. Video compression sees a 30% improvement compared to the current VP9 standard. Chrome 70 adds only an AV1 decoder to Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, with encoding capabilities not yet included.


Working fine here.

Downloaded and installed. No problems here.

Updated 15 minutes ago. 70.0.3538.76 working perfectly.

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Nov 19, 2014
Don't see user control were i can change what sites they can access. Does anyone have any idea?
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