Latest changes
May 13, 2020
Daily driver
My junk device
Operating system
Windows 10 Pro
OS build or version
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Update and Security
Allow all automatic updates
User Access Control
Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer
Firewall and Network protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall is active
User permissions
Administrator account
options
  • Windows Hello PIN
  • Windows Hello Fingerprint
  • Malware exposure
    No malware samples are downloaded
    Real-time Malware protection
    Hard Configurator (Windows 10, Enhanced)
    Windows Defender (ConfigDefender High)
    Windows Firewall Hardened
    Periodic scanners
    Browser and Extensions
    MS Edge Chromium
    Privacy tools and VPN
    Password manager
    Maintenance tools
    Kerish Doctor 2020
    Photos and Documents backup
    O&O Disk Image
    Aomei Backupper Pro to external drive
    Data Backup Schedule
    Once or multiple times per month
    Backup and Restore
    Same as above. O&O DiskImage and Aomei Pro
    Backup Schedule
    Once or more per month
    Computer Activity
  • Online banking
  • Browsing the web and checking emails
  • Office and other work-related software (Work from Home)
  • Computer Specifications
    HP 355G2 laptop
    AMD A6-6310 1.8Ghz quad core processor
    8G DDR3 RAM
    1T HDD


    Staff member
    Malware Hunter
    You may set UAC to Always Modify.

    In Virus and Malware Removal Tools, You may add EmsiSoft Emergengy Kit and HitManPro Free.

    In Privacy-focused Apps and Extensions , You may add uBlock Origin or AdGuard AdBlocker extension to Your browsers.

    A PassWord Manager would be welcome also.

    Please kindly reflect Your changes editing Your config, and announcing them here, thanks for sharing :)