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Read Full Review: How secure are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Apple iCloud cloud storage services?

Cloud Storage Overview

Although the cloud remains for many something of an unknown quantity as far as security is concerned, the truth is that data security is never black and white but rather fifty shades of grey.

Attaining a 100% secure data storage solution is akin to grabbing your shadow; you can get very close but will never actually do it. So you have to determine what is 'close enough' as far as cloud services are concerned. This determination may be decided for you if you are a business which is regulated and has to meet compliance requirements, and that may mean that not all your data can be stored in the cloud.

For consumers and most small business users though, the cloud is actually pretty secure these days. Data encryption is, if you'll excuse the pun, key here. Just about every cloud store will encrypt data in transit, that is as it's transferred into and out of the cloud, and some (usually if you buy the business version of the service) will encrypt it at rest, or while it is being stored, as well.

While data not being encrypted at rest, or if it is then the cloud provider managing the keys, does mean that the data can be indexed, de-duplicated, compressed and easily restored in a worse case scenario it also means that your data isn't as secure as it might otherwise be.
May 2016