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Cloudflare is currently suffering an outage this morning that is affecting web sites around the world. This outage is not affecting all regions and only certain domains, including BleepingComputer, so some of you will be able to see this article and others won't until the issue is resolved.

According to Cloudflare, over 16 million Internet sites utilize their services for performance enhancement, DDoS mitigation, or other features. Due to this an outage can have a large impact on the entire Internet.

Cloudflare has opened an incident report for this outage title "Route Leak Impacting Cloudflare".

Cloudflare Incident

Cloudflare Incident

A route leak is when another ISP advertises IP address networks that do not belong to them. This causes traffic to go networks it should not normally go through and cause poor performance, routing issues, and outages for affected sites.

Cloudflare's CTO John Graham-Cumming has replied to a YCombinator Hacker News post with more detailed information. In his comment he stated that it looks like a route link with Level3 and that it is only affecting 3% of ther global traffic.

Comment by Cloudflare CTO
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