Comodo Cloud AV vs Avira Free

  • Comodo Cloud AV

    Votes: 9 26.5%
  • Avira Free

    Votes: 25 73.5%
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Comodo Cloud AV vs Avira Free
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Level 4
At all respect to Comodo, but their product still very crude, and service comodo valkyrie it is not clear when will start to work. Even when will start to work, it is not clear on how many effectively and as long it will hold on. Avira +


Level 20
Content Creator
Purely based on signatures, I vote for Avira.
Based on extras, Comodo wins.
Overall I would choose Avira, because of strong signatures and they have a basic kind of cloud built in since a year or so. (and maybe better in compination with some other software like good firewall)
But there are better (free) alternatives on the market.


Level 5
Avira has a larger (whitelist) database with samples that are not clean. They tend to not re-analyze files.
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