Is Comodo Leak Tests still relevant?

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Nov 17, 2016
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By the way, I am pretty sure that girl was a university student.
The World Might Be Better Off Without College for Everyone This is related
The conventional view—that education pays because students learn—assumes that the typical student acquires, and retains, a lot of knowledge. She doesn’t.
Human beings have trouble retaining knowledge they rarely use. Of course, some college graduates use what they’ve learned and thus hold on to it—engineers and other quantitative types, for example, retain a lot of math. But when we measure what the average college graduate recalls years later, the results are discouraging, to say the least.

Imagine that on something they don't even think about and rarely actively participate in -- Thinking is expensive, that's why thinking is being outsourced.
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Oct 24, 2016
Lockdown say "Security software is not a substitute for user knowledge."
Yes that's right, But there is no "computer-Drive-license" you have to do !
There is mandated drivers' licenses is most parts of the world, but so what ? Despite drivers' licenses - and manufacturers making more and more safe cars - people still kill themselves and others - right ? Some drivers, even if they are PhD internal combustion engine engineers, cannot be protected from themselves. Put them behind the wheel and they are a menace to themselves and others on the road.

But that is something different than what I am talking about.

I know in U.S. grade and high schools the fundamentals of IT are supposedly being taught. Whatever and however they are doing it, it isn't working.

Think about what it takes for real change in human society to happen. It takes catastrophe on a massive scale for things to change - and even then - real change doesn't always happen. So, a billion-dollar-stealing malware that takes the money from high level politicians will almost certainly bring about change. What that change will be is hard to say, but you better believe ruffling the feathers of the "Haves" will set something into motion.

Most everybody here knows that it takes more than simply installing a security soft to protect a PC or device. Those that know more have a much greater probability of being protected than those that know less. Those that know a lot have no need of security softs - they have become Matrix - they have become Neo.
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Jul 1, 2014
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Lockdown it is save Correct what you say !

That's what I say is right "Today's computer industry suggests people" Turn on your computer ... and everything going as if by itself! "

We have been for a long time Computer as a hobby (from the year 1978 CPM),
We know that.

But the people who are not interested in it now from the companies in glossy advertising and in TV advertising getting told; be told
No problem take my product that's safe and easy.

How should they know that it is not the truth?
That one can be with PC must deal with That one his operating system must get to know.

We all "the forums" which with computers and Computer questions and technology employ
We all operate more education than the computer industry (companies).

This makes it all the more important in schools Computer technology is undermined.
Yes the lesson is not so good yet how he should be, But it's better than no lessons.
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