Confirmed! Microsoft is Buying GitHub for $7.5 Billion (Update: New CEO)


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Jan 16, 2017
Microsoft is out shopping once again, and this time the company that might end up being acquired by the world’s number one software firm could be none other than GitHub.
A platform that’s specifically aimed at developers who want to store code for their projects online, discuss bugs with the community and deliver updates, GitHub could help Microsoft expand its relationship with app makers, as the company has been trying hard to get closer to devs.
In addition to making it easier to convince developers to build apps for its platforms, taking over GitHub could help Microsoft improve artificial intelligence solutions, according to a report from CNBC.
Talks to purchase GitHub are reportedly under way, and several options have been considered until now. The cited source writes that discussions included a possible investment or a full acquisition, though at this point, GitHub reportedly has a price higher than what Microsoft wants to pay for the deal.
The platform was valued at $2 billion last year, but Microsoft might have to spend more than $5 billion should the takeover go through.
Microsoftie likely to head GitHub
Interestingly enough, GitHub is currently in the middle of an internal reorganization after CEO and founder Chris Wanstrath left the company 10 months ago, and a Microsoftie is in pole-position to head the firm. Nat Friedman joined Microsoft in 2016 when the software giant took over another developing platform called Xamarin.
A possible takeover of GitHub isn’t a new thing, as Microsoft was previously considering such a move in 2016, the source notes, adding that officials of the developer service denied all these rumors.
Needless to say, neither Microsoft nor GitHub commented on these new reports on the alleged acquisition, but more information should emerge in the coming weeks or months as talks between the two sides advance at a fast pace. Given that this is the second time Microsoft is looking into buying GitHub, there’s a good chance the talks would finally come to a conclusion this year.

What are your thoughts?


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Jul 27, 2015
Yuck. There goes the neighborhood.


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May 16, 2013

Earlier a Business Insider report suggested that GitHub is seriously considering a $5 billion buyout from Microsoft. Bloomberg later confirmed that the deal has been finalized and Microsoft is buying GitHub.
In case you didn’t know, GitHub is the largest software developer’s community with more than 23 million individual developers from over a million organizations worldwide. A huge number of open source projects use GitHub for development and for hosting their source code. Though GitHub is famous for open source projects, it is a private limited company.


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Jan 27, 2017

King of closed source buys kind of opensource? Yeah, that'll end well for the opensource world. Does anyone really believe Microsoft likes opensource and will promote it? Not a chance in hell. Pretty much guarantee this about 1) Telemetry/Datamining, 2) Suppression.

Maybe I am just overly pessimistic about this?


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Jan 31, 2018


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Jan 31, 2018
The ship is (hopefully) gonna sink because MS is buying it. An exodus of github developers is expected. Github+Microsoft= Oxymoron

It looks like they plan on using it along with their LinkedIn purchase to data mine according to the video I posted about in my last post.