New Update Control D Completes Anycast Upgrade to Reduce Latency


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Feb 7, 2023
We're happy to announce that the first phase of the anycast network upgrades have been completed successfully. We're seeing an average DNS query latency reduction of 40%, world wide. In some cases the reduction may have been as much as 10x. This is just phase 1. We're working on further improvements that will get the DNS and proxy latency even lower in the coming weeks.

From the above we can see that Control D is now in line with most of the DNS providers except (Cloudflare/Warp) and DNSFilter which seem to be ~45% faster. Hopefully further improvements in the future will melt the difference.

Cloudflare offers only very basic malicious websites blocking and a service similar to VPN (not a real VPN) called Warp. Warp is available as free and Premium service.

DNSFilter is a more robust solution that costs $0.90 to $1.80 per user per month. It blocks various categories (weapons, adult content, hate, etc.) and threats (malware, phishing, botnet, <24hr old domains) but does not block ads and trackers. It could be seen as a direct competitor to Cisco Umbrella.

Control D offers basic free DNS, “Some Control” package that costs $20 annually, providing a wide range of categories that could be blocked + analytics. The “Full Control” package offers all that + services geo redirection for $40 annually.
It could only be seen as competitor to NexDNS (similar latency).
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Sep 11, 2023
Zero need for this, cloudflare zero trust can be configured to block ads to when you manually set url lists.
Its free, faster and better.


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Sep 11, 2023
Ive used them all, controld, nextdns, adguard dns - cloudflare zero trust is #1 by far and its free.
Its way more powerful than all, but it requires a little bit of brain power to configure but zero coding and its easy to do; anyone can do it.
It requires more legwork and effort to configure correctly (more pasting urls, setting up rules and maybe importing lists (but not needed).
So yes its literally as easy as cut and pasting the IPV6 address to mobile devices and devices where the IP will change, setting IPV4 on devices that need it updating the IP and then setting up a universal rule list for all the devices.

But its a basic setup with tons of guides on reddit; 100% free and its the fastest.
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