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COVERT Pro – an innovative solution to ensure total privacy while working at the computer. It protects against spyware. When working in secure platform, all user’s actions in all applications (browsers, email clients, office software, messengers, etc.) are safely hidden. Using special features of COVERT Pro allows you to detect and remove all hidden applications.

Antispyware COVERT Pro for Windows

If you are convinced that the anti-virus protects you even against new spyware and programs of Riskware category, you should not read more.

Traditional antivirus and antispyware software does not protect against many of screenshoters and keyloggers, because this action is not prohibited, as it is unknown – does that make user himself or someone is spying on him.
Search for spyware on the hard drive is ineffective if it’s not in the malware databases. Analyze the code or behavior is also pointless — it is not known who and for what purpose carries specific to spyware actions.
About the uselessness of classical methods of protection you can read in our article.
Therefore, the traditional antivirus software will not protect you against spyware and riskware.

COVERT Pro – a new approach to privacy protection

To protect against spyware, COVERT Pro uses the masking method. It is the most reliable method against spyware — masking action of user. It means creation of secure platform, inside which user can run any applications, while remaining invisible to the spies.

All user activity on a computer disguised from intercepting. Capturing data from keyboard input and monitor screen is blocked.
Because antispyware COVERT Pro protects not only the physical input, but the virtual keyboard, the program can be used on tablet with OS Windows.

Another unique feature of COVERT Pro is protection against sound recording in the room where the computer is located. There are spyware programs that turns on the microphone when the sound level in the room exceeds a certain level and start to record everything on the hard drive. Then these files are sent to the e-mail address associated with spyware. COVERT Pro allows you to adjust the speakers and microphone level and completely block the microphone. You can get to this menu by pressing F2 key.

Innovative approach, low system requirements, a simple and intuitive user interface, no need to continuously update – makes the program – antispyware COVERT Pro tr


A short list of COVERT Pro functionality:

  • 1. Secure platform. Entrance to the platform and exit in one click.
  • 2. Network Monitor. Shows a list of programs that have access to the Internet at the current time.
  • 3. Database threats (malicious or unwanted programs). Available for replenishing by the user.
  • 4. Driver Monitor. Shows a list of active and hidden drivers in the operating system.
  • 5. System processes. Provides information about the processes (running programs) that occur on your computer.
  • 6. Service system. Used to display the list of running services.
  • 7. Hidden services and analysis services. Allows you to analyze the svchost.exe file.
  • 8. Monitor hidden processes. This is a special function that is used to detect and display the list of hidden processes (rootkits).
  • 9. Internal protection mode. There are three modes of protection to control running applications within the platform.
  • 10. Quick Launch Buttons application.
  • 11. The login ID in the platform to create multiple platforms protection.
  • 12. The scale of CPU usage.
  • 13. The scale of loading the platform.
  • 14. Scale of loading the clipboard.
  • 15. Selection of interface languages (English, Italian, German, Czech).
  • 16. Emergency exit from the program and all platforms and closing all applications.
  • 17. New! Screenshot of registration window with the definition of the parameters of the hardware, where COVERT Pro is installed. Designed to protect the user from losing registration details and obtaining a new registration key free of charge.
  • 18. New! Adjusting the speaker volume and microphone inside a secure platform. Allows you to lock the microphone in order to protect from the listening room where the computer is located.

Home: Protection against spyware

seems to be a kind of anti-spyware/logger Virtual Desktop.


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ok so i did a quick test:

1- i open notepad
2- i launch zeman test logger
3- type some words in notepad
4- zemana logger caught my keystrokes

as you see in the screenshot , my desktop in unsecured , i can access all my usual stuff.

then i clicked the "covert" Button (the one with the big icon)

then my desktop is totally blackened, no task bar nor tray icon , only Covert is displayed , i can't launch any apps unless i selected them from Covert's GUI as shown on the picture above.

I can't take a screenshot , it was expected since a screenshot is a data leak.

so for the few minutes i run Covert Pro, it does its job well.

i will investigate deeper with time.

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yes the product seems to be bought from an older developer (or maybe he changes his company name), so it is quite new, the post made by the developer on Bleeping is few months old.

in fact it is not a virtual desktop but more a secured one similar to the one when UAC or keepass is triggered when you need to type the password.


but you can request to be a tester and get the full version license just email them , of course some testing have to be done and reported.
How would I go about doing that? What's the email? Do I just say "hey, I'd like to beta test the full version, can I have a liscense key"? I can't find anything about this beta on their homepage.

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How would I go about doing that? What's the email?
the email is

Do I just say "hey, I'd like to beta test the full version, can I have a liscense key"? I can't find anything about this beta on their homepage.
just what i did , and got licenses for each version :D

the beta progtam was announced here: Introducing Covert Pro - A unique tool to track programs that are spying on you - Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Privacy Software

By the way, i uploaded it to VT , the files returned clean.


From CovertPro
How would I go about doing that? What's the email? Do I just say "hey, I'd like to beta test the full version, can I have a liscense key"? I can't find anything about this beta on their homepage.
If you want to test a fully functional version of our program, please send a request to the email address with a request and explanations. We give this opportunity to active user of information security forums only.
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