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Comodo Free, HIPS off, all other things enabled after putting firewall in training mode for a while, basically using default settings but with high heuristics turned on
MBAM (meh, lifetime license)
MBAE Premium, all default settings (received a license for beta testing it, seems to be lifetime?)
WinAntiRansom (currently in trial period), with all my documents and important stuff kept in C:/SafeZone
ShadowDefender, but with C:/SafeZone not affected by Shadow Mode

Might get Winpatrol with WAR. WinPrivacy seems useless and annoying from my trial so far, I can't get it to play nicely with Private Internet Access' client on an automated basis (I'm not super technical).

Edit: also, Chrome with uBlock (all defaults, don't know better), LastPass, and Click&Clean autofiring on browser close


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I would suggest some sort of backup software such as Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper both have a very good free and reliable version. ;)

If you do not have a portable HDD i would suggest Aomei One Key and it will even help you create a new partition to backup too. :)
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