Cromite (a Bromite fork) For Android/Windows/Linux With Patches From Brave and Ungoogled Chromium


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Jun 14, 2020
Cromite is a Chromium fork based on Bromite with built-in support for ad blocking and an eye for privacy.

Cromite is available for Android arm64-v8a, arm32-v7a and x86_64, Nougat and above (Minimum v7.0, API level 24), Windows and Linux 64bit.


Cromite's goal is to

  • limit the features built into the browser that can be used as a platform for tracking users' habits, and, if it is not technically possible, disable them and leave it up to the user to choose whether to re-enable them
  • limit the close integration between the browser and its manufacturer
  • not let the excellent research work done by csagan5 with Bromite be lost
In addition, Cromite would like to promote greater integration with other non-profit, open source browsers, encouraging closer collaboration with others, and attempt to integrate them directly into Chromium once they have reached an appropriate level of maturity.

Bromite was my favorite browser on android and now I use Cromite on android and Linux. Its a leaner version of Brave imho and has a very impressive featureset. Taking patches from Brave, GrapheneOS and other privacy focused developers without adding tons of unneccessary bloat is a must!


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Apr 21, 2016
Great to hear that you're enjoying Cromite! Its focus on privacy and minimalism, along with the integration of patches from privacy-focused developers, make it a strong choice for users who prioritize these aspects in a browser. Thanks for sharing your experience!
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