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Apr 24, 2016
Operators of high-yielding investment scams known as "pig butchering" have found a way to bypass the defenses in Google Play and Apple's App Store, the official repositories for Android and iOS apps.

Pig butchering scams have been happening for a few years. They use involve fake websites, malicious advertising, and social engineering. By adding fraudulent apps to official download platforms, scammers can gain a victim's trust easier.

Researchers at cybersecurity company Sophos say that the scammers are targeting victims on Facebook or Tinder and convince them to download the fraudulent apps and "invest" large amounts of money into assets purported to be real.

Sophos observed such a campaign from a China-based threat group named "ShaZhuPan," which shows high organizational levels with distinct teams doing victim interaction, finance, franchise, and money laundering.
The malicious apps used in the campaign that Sophos observed are named "Ace Pro" and "MBM_BitScan" on the Apple App Store and "BitScan" on Play Store.

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