Do you use client-side encryption for your files in cloud storage?

  • Yes

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  • No

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  • I don't know what that is

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The Concept of Cryptomator
Cryptomator provides transparent, client-side encryption for your cloud. Protect your documents from unauthorized access. Cryptomator is free and open source software, so you can rest assured there are no backdoors.

Blog - Cryptomator
Downloads - Cryptomator
GitHub - cryptomator/cryptomator: Multi-platform transparent client-side encryption of your files in the cloud

  • Works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, ownCloud, Nextcloud and any other cloud storage service which synchronizes with a local directory
  • Open Source means: No backdoors, control is better than trust
  • Client-side: No accounts, no data shared with any online service
  • Totally transparent: Just work on the virtual drive as if it were a USB flash drive
  • AES encryption with 256-bit key length
  • File names get encrypted
  • Folder structure gets obfuscated
  • Use as many vaults in your Dropbox as you want, each having individual passwords
  • One thousand commits for the security of your data!
  • 256-bit keys (unlimited strength policy bundled with native binaries)
  • Scrypt key derivation
  • Cryptographically secure random numbers for salts, IVs and the masterkey of course
  • Sensitive data is wiped from the heap asap
  • Lightweight: Complexity kills security
  • HMAC over file contents to recognize changed ciphertext before decryption
  • I/O operations are transactional and atomic, if the filesystems support it
  • Each file contains all information needed for decryption (except for the key of course), no common metadata means no SPOF

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2018 Roadmap for Cryptomator
Since it is understandable that not all of our users can track all development activities on GitHub, I would like to write a few paragraphs here about the technical updates that are planned for Cryptomator in 2018 and their impact on usage
  • FUSE-based drives, in addition to WebDAV
  • Java 9 - better HiDPI support, rapid release and smaller installed state
  • IntelliJ
  • 64-bit
Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2018