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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the CyberGuard test!

CyberGuard is a software, edited by BreakingSecurity, based in Italy.
The software wants to protect in a different way: No database, but detect any abnormal behavior of a file based on rules!

The interface is simple, but old-school. Quite technical, but CyberGuard regularly gives tips to help the most novice.

On Web threats, CyberGuard has captured many attacks!
On the other hand, I noticed that it tends to take its time to detect, I think it has to wait for an action to be performed.

On the pack.... it is the cold shower!
CyberGuard was unlucky and found itself facing worm attacks that easily infected all the executable files of the system (except system file, fortunately) that even prevented the antimalware from working.
Other threats can freely do their malicious actions as the machine is no longer protected.
When I tried to restart it, Windows says that the file does not exist anymore...

This antimalware has a lot of potential, but there is still a lot of work to do...

Watch my review on Odysee !

RAM Usage : Low
Malware URL test : 8.5/10 (1 missed, 1 partielly blocked)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected)
Malware Pack :
CyberGuard does not contain any scanning options, so I had to run them.
A worm launches and infects all the executables and makes the machine slow down horribly.
The antivirus dies at the end and cannot restart.

Resistance to script attacks: No

Result :
NPE : Infected
KVT : 62

Recommand : No
System Clean : No, system infected

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Feb 25, 2017
Screenshot 2022-05-26 105121.png

Screenshot 2022-05-26 105132.png

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