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Hi friends of Malwaretip.com,

I am recommended to use Cyclonis password manager by a tech-savvy friend. It's a new and free password manager, so I am wondering if it's secure or good enough to protect my logins. Having been used for a week, I thought it good, especially the auto-fill function. I have scanned it with Avast and it shows safe. But I am still worried about the security of using it. Here's the website: Cyclonis Password Manager What do you think of it?


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Very Bad privacy policy!No thanks.

Behavioral Targeting / Re-Targeting
We may place ads for our products on various third-party websites and platforms, and as a result, you may see ads for our products when visiting Google, YouTube, Facebook and/or a variety of other websites and platforms. We may ask the proprietors of these websites/platforms to present our ads to particular demographic groups, for example, women over 25 years of age, or all visitors to a website who 
are in Ireland. The third-party websites/platforms may use information they already have about you, or may place cookies or similar tracking technologies in your browser or application, in order to decide what ads you will see, including potentially our ads. If you have questions or concerns about the ads you see on any of these third-party websites/platforms or if you have questions generally about their privacy practices, we encourage you to consult the privacy policies of those sites or inquire with the proprietors of those sites.
More here:
Privacy Policy


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Nay bad privacy policy - great software and very powerful. A formidable alternative to the awesome Enpass password manager. You can store everything locally and just use the software for the convenience. So for example, fire up Edge browser, store your passwords locally and never worry about any of your data being touched... ever. That's same Enpass benefit, now belongs to Cyclonis.

You'll want to stick with Cyclonis, it's a superior alternative to all the other hosted password managers that magically keep your data secure in the cloud.
The best privacy policy are those when the user takes responsibility for their data. You need not worry about anyone else managing your password (or private notes) with Cyclonis. It's all local.... just the way it should be.

p.s. - cyclonis takes it one step further and has the marvelous feature of "autologin" - it's brilliant!


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Could be a great product, but their own privacy policy will draw people away. Especially when data is the new oil this day in age. Privacy is a must for everyone, data is to be protected by company, not exploited for financial gain.