DDoS Attacks Cause Train Delays Across Sweden

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    DDoS attacks on two separate days have brought down several IT systems employed by Sweden's transport agencies, causing train delays in some cases.

    The incidents took place early in the mornings of Wednesday and Thursday, October 11 and 12, this week.

    The first attack hit the Sweden Transport Administration (Trafikverket) on Wednesday. According to local press, the attack brought down the IT system that manages train orders. The agency had to stop or delay trains for the time of the attack.

    Trafikverket's email system and website also went down, exacerbating the issue and preventing travelers from making reservations or getting updates on the delays. The agency used Facebook to manage the crisis and keep travelers informed.

    Road traffic maps were also affected, an issue that lingers even today, at the time of publishing, according to the agency's website.

    Full Article. DDoS Attacks Cause Train Delays Across Sweden
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