DDR5 Memory Specification Released: Setting the Stage for DDR5-6400 And Beyond


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Nov 10, 2017
Marking an important milestone in computer memory development, today the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is releasing the final specification for its next mainstream memory standard, DDR5 SDRAM. The latest iteration of the DDR standard that has been driving PCs, servers, and everything in-between since the late 90s, DDR5 once again extends the capabilities of DDR memory, doubling the peak memory speeds while greatly increasing memory sizes as well. Hardware based on the new standard is expected in 2021, with adoption starting at the server level before trickling down to client PCs and other devices later on.

Originally planned for release in 2018, today’s release of the DDR5 specification puts things a bit behind JEDEC’s original schedule, but it doesn’t diminish the importance of the new memory specification. Like every iteration of DDR before it, the primary focus for DDR5 is once again on improving memory density as well as speeds. JEDEC is looking to double both, with maximum memory speeds set to reach at least 6.4Gbps while the capacity for a single, packed-to-the-rafters LRDIMM will eventually be able to reach 2TB. All the while, there are several smaller changes to either support these goals or to simplify certain aspects of the ecosystem, such as on-DIMM voltage regulators as well as on-die ECC.

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Vitali Ortzi

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Dec 12, 2016
I'm still using DDR3, doesn't matter much to me.

New Computers and Laptops will ship with DDR6 in 2021?

What do Smartphones use?
Still waiting for on die HBM (lower cost better latency and bandwidth)
And optane memory +HBM for GPU die
Or just multipurpose cores bcores that can do both jobs like A64FX
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Jul 27, 2015
What do Smartphones use?
My Huawei P20 Pro use 6GB LPDDR4 " Low-Power DDR SDRAM ". Also known as Mobile DDR.

Here's a bit updated info on the latest versions.