Level 19
Basic configuration, good enough to begin with.

Here are some recommendations you might want to take a look at (just like others posted above):
  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Consider a backup solution, such as AOMEI Backupper Standard or Macrium Reflect Free.
  • If you are a user with basic/average knowledge of computers, then you should set UAC to at least the default level, and enable SmartScreen.
Take a look at everyone's recommendations, as well. You might find some software/extensions that may be useful.

Otherwise, you are good to go. Thanks for sharing your config with us! :p

JM Safe

Level 38

DJ Panda

Level 29
Enable UAC, Smarts screen, add Zemana Anti-Malware and another browser like Firefox or Vivaldi. Personally I don't like adblockers but if you want to add one it may help. Haven't had any kind of malvertising attack ever so I fins it useless.