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New decryption tool can recover files locked by GandCrab versions 1, 4, and 5

The No More Ransom project released today an updated and more potent decryption tool for the GandCrab ransomware in what Europol has described as the "latest victory of law enforcement in the battle against ransomware."

The decryption tool was developed by Romanian Police, Europol, and Bitdefender, and will be made available on the No More Ransom project website for download starting today.

The tool is an update on a first version that was released in February by Bitdefender. The new GandCrab decrypter is more potent and can recover data for more GandCrab versions --v1 (GDCB extension), v4 (KRAB extension), and v5 (random 10-character extension, also the current/latest GandCrab version), respectively.
Source: Free decryption tool released for multiple GandCrab ransomware versions | ZDNet
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