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Apr 24, 2016
Can and should one be concerned with how their personal data is used and managed online? Yes. The answer is yes. But there are two aspects to it. One, the obvious implications of your data being misused. Two, the simple question of basic human dignity. If you let smartphones treat you like an idiot, you become, ipso facto, an idiot. This is why you should consider tweaking your devices, so they're less noisy, less data-greedy, less everything. Welcome to my newest guide on how to make Android behave.

This ain't my first rodeo with Android privacy. A few years back, I wrote a namesake article, detailing a reasonable, no-nonsense approach to using an Android phone, with some level of privacy and without greatly sacrificing usability. A pragmatic middle-ground formula, if you will. Today, I'd like to expand on that old guide, make it a bit more structured, and up to date. Begin, we shall.

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