Dedoimedo: How to edit MP3 metadata and cover art using VLC


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Apr 24, 2016
If you're old enough to have purchased music on CDs and alike, then you probably care about having and do have an offline collection of songs, usually in the form of MP3 files, on your computer somewhere. It ain't all about the streaming, right guv. Well, some of these songs may have incomplete metadata - they may not have cover art, the artist or the album information may be wrong or missing. This is often the case with songs bought a long long time ago. Or perhaps you've ripped your own CDs for backup, and didn't care about all them extra fields. Whatever the case, we want to fix this problem. Add, edit metadata and cover art for our music. How do we do that?

VLC. It's always VLC. No matter what media task you may have at hand, you should always ask yourself, can the lovely, free, open-source player called VideoLAN (VLC) do it? And by and large, the answer is yes. This phenomenal piece of software has been in my arsenal for a good two decades, and recently, I had a chance to try yet another superb feature it has. Let's continue.
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