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Nov 4, 2011

Defenx Security Suite provides 360 degree protection, ensuring the safety of your data to preventing virusses and hacker exploits. It keeps your device protected offers 100% peace of mind.
  • Protects your privacy, memories, data and email
  • Protect your system from damage or hacks due to criminal cyber activity
  • Prevents data theft and that can result in both identity and financial compromises.
  • Boosts security for safe online surfing
  • Safeguards children
Defenx Security Suite is a comprehensive yet easy to use solution:

360° Protection
Defenx Security Suite controls outgoing and incoming events through the Firewall, blocking any unauthorized traffic. This bi-directional control makes it impossible for any untrusted or unauthorized activity, together with the Anti-malware function Defenx delivers 360 degree protection.
Keep private information private
Defenx Anti-Spyware technology protects your photos, documents, and emails to ensure they will not be stolen or exposed.
Stay connected, stay protected
Defenx Security Suite Web Control module protects your privacy and block maliciuos web sites. Whenever you are shopping, socializing or surfing on line, you’re safe from Internet attacks, infections and cyber criminals. Your computer, identity and personal information are safe.
USB: A small device, a big risk
Some seemingly harmless memory sticks with family photos or documents can actually turn out to be a real hot bed for viruses. Defenx makes sure your computer will not be damaged by USB devices and provides a comprehensive scan fature to and USB device that is connected.
Parental control
Defenx Security Suite allows parents to ban inappropriate content limited access to certain areas of the internet, games and applications. Essentially the Defenx Parental Control application allows you 100% peace of mind that your child is not being exposed to inapropriate images or behaviour. A full history of time and activities of your childs internet use is available, this helps you to remain vigilant to ensure your child is sage at all times.
Protection updated always
Protect the device from attacks detected until the day in use, so called Zero-Day exploits, as they represent all vulnerabilities not yet identified
Virtual keyboard
Defenx protects your computer from spyware attacks which capture data by identification of keyboard strokes - passwords, private information, bank accounts etc are all vunerable.
Self-learning engine
The Defenx solution learns by the alarms of the firewall and by specific behaviour to set new security rules: an intelligent system that ensures you to be always updated.
Self protection
External attacks cannot disable or block our product's automatic protection. Defenx products do not allow external tampering of the software by any unauthorized user.
Know the benefits
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