Dell Has a Record Second Quarter


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Apr 24, 2016
Dell reported that it earned a net income of $880 million on record revenues of $26 billion, the second-best quarter in its history. Revenues were up 15 percent year-over-year.

“We’re well known for our unique ability to adjust and lean into growth opportunities, as evidenced by our results with record second-quarter revenue of $26.1 billion,” Dell vice chairman and co-chief operating officer Jeff Clarke said. “We’re innovating and helping customers grow with a focus on multi-cloud solutions and modern infrastructure delivered traditionally and as-a-Service.”

Dell is a diverse company, but what I’m mostly interested in is its PC business and how its been impacted by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. That business, called the Client Solutions Group, had revenues of $14.3 billion, a gain of 27 percent YOY. And $10.6 billion of that came from sales to commercial customers; that part of the business grew 32 percent YOY.

Dell credited strong growth in its business-class Latitude and Precision PCs and workstations for the gains. That Dell’s PCs sales are over half its revenues, and that most of those sales go to businesses makes sense, I suppose.

Dell also reported that its Infrastructure Solutions Group, which sells servers and networking products, delivered $8.4 billion in revenue in the quarter, up 3 percent. And VMWare revenues hit $3.1 billion, up 8 percent.


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Sep 13, 2018
I think part of that success was people buying pre-builts like Dell/Alienware instead of self- building, due to the gpu drought.

I also think the "msrp" we knew for gpu/s once they become more available is squarely in the past. I now expect to pay 50-100USD over and sbove that for a founders edition rtx 3070. Even more, maybe.