Despite the security updates, using Edge Wallet is still very risky, says user


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Apr 24, 2016
Later in 2023, Microsoft allowed Edge users to easily set up their Edge Wallet, a tool where credit cards, passwords, and other financial devices can be stored. It’s also available as a PWA, and that makes it easier to set it up in the Edge browser.

As per Edge’s updates, its Wallet is also getting security updates, and Microsoft makes sure users won’t be at risk when storing their sensitive information there.

However, despite the regular updates, some users still believe Edge Wallet is quite risky, and while it is a comfortable solution, users might be at risk of losing their credentials to hackers.

This Reddit user, for instance, has an alternative to Edge Wallet: the Microsoft Autofill extension. Released 2 years ago, the extension has become one of the most popular of its kind, and it can be used on all Chromium-based browsers, including Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

What’s the difference between them? Well, the user says the extension is more secure than Edge Wallet because it requires more steps when authenticating, and Microsoft Autofill also doesn’t store sensitive data in plain text, something that Edge Wallet does.

However, if you don’t prefer either of the native Microsoft password managers, there are always third-party password managers that you can try. For instance, you could choose one of these password managers that are also capable of emergency access.

If your device is used by the whole family, these password managers specifically developed for this situation can also be of use.

However, if you don’t agree with the security of the Edge Wallet, and you don’t mind the extra steps, you could stay with Microsoft Autofill, as well. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.

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