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I am interested in buying a lifetime license and was wondering if I can get one cheaper on another site or do I have to use the author's site to get lifetime licenses?
If it's possible, does anyone know where I can get it for a bit less than 41 bucks?


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I'm sure the giveaway staff, might know a place, if not Bo might. ;)


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I dont think they are sold anywhere but on his site.Although I do see them discounted from time to time on bitsdujour.com.Most are for a 1 year license. I havent seen any deals or discounts for a lifetime license in a long time.I know he has expressed that he has given too many licenses away lately,so I would imagine you wont see any deals for a while.When you think about it a 1 year license is about $18 so as long as you live longer than 2 1/2 years your going to come out ahead.There is no doubt the lifetime license is the way to go for a great software with a very approachable author.If I do see something I will surely let everyone know.


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bo.elam said:
I think purchasing a license using Cleverbridge (SBIE site) is probably the safest way of doing it.

Its extremely rare to find coupons or discounts for the lifetime license. I think Tzuk created the 1 year license for people that would like to pay a lower price than the full price of the lifetime license. That is really the purpose of the one year license.

When you think about it, since the price you pay covers all computers that you personally own and is lifetime, it is a great deal as it is.

Just note that if you have a US bank credit card, it will deny charges to Cleverbridge because they use German servers. This happen to me when I bought Sanboxie. My bank's fraud protection denied charges, I had to call my bank to approve the charge. It was a mess took 3 days to get it approved and unfreeze my credit card. You can use Paypal but it also days 3 days to process. I was in a good mind to just to give up, no telling how many others had problems trying to buy.

I wished there was another way to buy Sandboxie. The developer needs to add alternative ways to purchase.



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Not found any current lifetime deal.At sandboxie forum the developer confirmed on 27 jan 2013 that there is no currently discount on lifetime license.May be in future you can get one.