Q&A DNS firewall - What features would you like?


From schiffer.tech
Oct 31, 2019
Our team is currently working on a DNS firewall. This should be a future addition to your regular firewall in order to enhance your privacy and security. Beside of the optional DNS obfuscation features it will block ads, tracking and malware domain names systemwide.
Even if you are only a PC rookie, you can use the DNS firewall without a "Ask to resolve" -dialogue, but still encrypt all DNS requests.

A full feature list can be found here: DNSpecter - Security features

Main UI:

Sample "Ask to resolve" -dialogue:

That is why we are actively looking for possible features we can implement or you would like to see in such a software.
After one week we will draw a summary and explain our plans to you.


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May 17, 2020
Latest Software that has been asked for permission connection.
Last Connection Software
Software History
Unknown processes trying to make a new connection from new IP etc.
Any software / program that is checking, doing or spying Network Traffic and HTTP Requests.

Suspecious IPs, you can use blacklist to warning a user if any IP is detected, or check into blacklist when shows a warning.

For example: This IP has been checked in blacklists and is blacklisted, continue or block « Shows a warning

In Options of IP or Domain (with right click to check more details)
IP Lookup
Domain History Lookup
Reverse DNS Resolver

A Good Firewall needs to have protection measures, partners of Blacklists, Spammers etc, should be configurable, should warning the user, having mode Basic, Newbie, Advanced users.

Also protecting the software with password, to avoid any kid remove it from computer, it should be revised. Turning difficult to uninstall the firewall without the password, because who have kids, knows is easy to search "how to delete x program"


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May 13, 2017
Sample "Ask to resolve" -dialogue:
I would say, that for version 1.0, that looks fine, but it lacks IP/port/protocol query. People, who want to use a real firewall, want to be in control of everything, that is the point. Most firewalls are just allow/deny and many even lack the ability to add IP ranges. Yes, I am talking about you FortKnox firewall. :LOL:


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Oct 4, 2019
I just want a 'smart' DNS service that I can use to watch geo-restricted content that utilises DOH or DOT so I don't have to use a complicated workaround using YogaDNS to change my DNS provider/protocol depending on what website I visit. Any additional filtering would be a bonus.