Do you find anything interesting about this graph?


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May 31, 2017
I stumbled upon the attached graph apparently on February 11th and saved it since it explained how important cybersecurity is these days. While cleaning up my desktop, I stumbled upon the graph again and it had a completely different meaning to me then it did just over a month ago, as obviously back then I was primarily concerned with cybersecurity (and actually still am, but you get the point).

So I was curious if you guys find anything interesting about this graph as well. ;) It does not necessarily have to deal with cybersecurity or covid 19, but I was just curious. It is amazing how your priorities can change in an instant. Stay safe!



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Aug 10, 2013
Just my personal opinion in shortform:
I'm not sure why the "green" squares are so much to the right side....
E.g. Isn't "biodiversity loss" stuff like insects and animals dying forever? Like bees and so on (afaik it's happening now)
Hasn't "extreme weather" also risen again and again ?
And if I count stuff like like broken oilrigs, amazon rainforest logging (or slash-and-burn method), nuclear powerplant failure/meltdown ( tschernobyl, fukushima) as "human-made environmental disasters" I saw more of them in my lifetime than I could remember a "food crisis" in my european country. I know "world" vs "my country" is not fair, but I think you get the point.

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