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I am interested to know about a good adblocker for IE9. I have tried AdBlock IE which you can get from this link: ,but I was not very satisfied by it. Do you know about another one?

Thanks :)


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Using HostsMan you can use hosts made for adblocking, And it will work in any browser.

HostsMan will also check for updates in the hosts and download them for you automatically.


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Never knew there was a Ablocker for IE, have always used IE with adds.


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I've always just used the fanboy TPL since that came out, but then I don't use IE as my main browser so I don't know how good or bad it really is.


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* Opt-Out cookie advertising tracking:

I used Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising page by NetworkAdvertising:

.. also look on

* Stop Flash ads with this simple - and good for your security - tweak: on IE8 (and IE9 surely), go to Manage Add-ons, and disable Shockwave Flash Object. Tourn it on or off at your choice, when you want. I frequently use this tweak, no problems!

* This same I do with JavaScript (is reversible) ..

If not, I don't look at other ads .. I see my article, that's all ..;)


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You will love Ad Muncher been using it for many years nothing gets by it works on all browsers, yes it's not free but if you want the best one year basic license $19.95 plus for a limited time includes one year free license for Emsisoft Anti-Malware.