Advice Request Do you use Secure Notes in your Password Manager?

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Do you save notes as Secure Notes?

  • I use Secure Notes for various reasons

    Votes: 19 67.9%
  • I use another type in the Password Manager

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • I only save passwords

    Votes: 8 28.6%

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Level 8
Jun 21, 2020
I always kept the recovery codes in a local file. Encrypted that file, archived it (.zip) and encrypted that archive too, due to the nature of the content within it. Afterwards I would keep it on a USB, external HDD (i rarely use, just update important files as a backup) and upload a copy to a vault in the cloud. Seems to work for me, so far. I never kept them in my PW manager, the same goes for me 2FA/TOTP codes.

Not sure if that is best practice, but that's how i always did it.


Level 10
Jun 26, 2020
Yes, some things that are not passwords but are important, for example passwords from internal application or programs from my work, pin from a telephone or tablet, etc. It's better to be in a secure memo, protected with a password, then in plain text in a TXT call ; pin from iphone, or pin from internal application xpto, number of plate of my old car.


Level 36
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Content Creator
May 13, 2017
Bitwarden refused to acknowledge my request for an universal login (one login and password like Password123 for useless webpages), so I use secure notes as such.
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