Advice Request Does Chrome/Chromium based browsers need exploit protection? If so, which program is better?

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Jul 19, 2018
I'm mostly using Chrome, and sometimes the Blink-based Edge. I enabled the AppContainer flags. Should I use an additional exploit protection? There is already OSArmor installed, but it's more like a general anti-exploit software. I was considering to disable the browser anti-exploit options on OSArmor menu and installing MBAE(the beta version of course). Would it be a nice combo?
Jun 26, 2019
What type of exploits do you plan on running into?

NoVirusThanks's OSArmor isn't an anti-exploit irrespective of how it might be marketed by them or customers of the product. At best, it's a solution for blocking post-exploit payloads, but there has never been any publicly displayed results from professional vetting under enterprise environments, so the performance and effectiveness in the real-world is at-best nothing more than a guess. Due to how the product works, it is less intrusive and this may be a benefit for you, but it depends.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on the other hand has a different story. It's both an anti-exploit and anti-post-exploit solution in one. It can genuinely stop the attack chain from passing the exploitation phase. However, it will alter the behavior of the programs it is enabled for and thus performance and compatibility may vary between software (not to mention the fact that this in itself could introduce additional, unprecedented vulnerabilities).

Google Chrome may warn about Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit because mbae.dll / mbae64.dll (depending on whether you're using Google Chrome x86 or x64) will be injected into the Google Chrome processes. Various APIs will be hooked depending on the exploit protection configuration.

You should be fine with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. You will be more than just fine if you've enabled AppContainer. It is very unlikely that you would personally benefit from using any additional exploit protection than what is already offered by Google / Microsoft.

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