Question Double VPNs = Double the fun?

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Aug 23, 2021
So earlier this week Microsoft Edge introduced me to a new feature in the browser that is called 'Microsoft Edge Secure Network', basically from what I got, I have an unlimited free Cloudflare-based VPN(for the time being, I searched everywhere but there wasn't any kind of limitation on my browser). So I basically left it running 24/7(while browsing, I know it doesn't cover torrents and stuff like that)... but the point of this post is that I'm already using a 24/7 VPN simultaneously 🐊🐊🐊

so the question is, should I leave the Edge VPN on with my other VPN or should I just turn off the Edge one...

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Aug 22, 2013
I have an unlimited free Cloudflare-based VPN
Warp+? ....

I would not touch Ms Edge VPN, why should you give all your data to MS. If you want a free vpn with 10TB monthly traffic limit go create an account in oracle cloud, setup an openvpn server and enjoy the rest. I have been using this for the past six months and its is pretty good for your other risky needs.
detailed instructions ....

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Jan 6, 2022
Windscribe already includes their own Double Hop feature.

If you solely use Windscribe VPN for public privacy and network security, then turn off Edge VPN.
Double Hopping still leaves the User/Customer in risk if the provider is Sopena'd or raided. Even correlation attacks can trace this. All major internet stations have this level of logging within the 14 eyes. True story.


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Mar 17, 2023
I don't know why you'd want to have two VPNs running at the same time, honestly. You're just slowing down your connection for no added benefit.
I think that's part of being human. The desire and need to go over the top. If you ever watch star trek you will realize that the only species that encounters weird events like time travel is humanity. Given two warp cores a normal person would perform experiments on one and save the other one just in case the first one breaks. But given to a human engineer, they would probably stick both of them one on top of the other to see if they can go twice as fast.


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Feb 10, 2017
I think that's part of being human. The desire and need to go over the top.
I somewhat agree. I mean, this website's teeming with examples of people stacking product upon product to defend against a threat that'll likely never materialize. But I understand why they do it, even if I think it's unreasonable. This double VPN thing though? Baffling.

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