Battle Double whitelist better than 1, WHHL with MD in MAX or Avast in hardened mode?

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WHHL + MD on MAX vs WHHL + Avast free in Hardened mode
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I am intrigued by an idea launched by a ForgottenSeer.

He (Max90) states that Windows with SAC or WDAC-ISG (as implemented by WHHL) with Avast Free in hardened mode would be stronger than SAC or WHHL with Microsoft Defender in MAX settings (ConfigureDefender).

Because the whitelists of WDAC-ISG and MD MAX are from same company, the chance of sneaking through whitelists from two different companies, would be lower.

Somehow this idea of two different whitelists appeals to me (since Avast free offers an option to show only security related popups).

All input and thoughts welcome.

ForgottenSeer 107474

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@Moonhorse and @Andy Ful

I honestly don't know what is best. Using MD on Max has the practical benefit of using no third-party security software (and has a smaller attack surface). Using Avast in hardened mode theoretically has a point (the overlapping cross section of two populations or area's is always smaller than the two populations or area's it is a join of). So I really appreciate additional viewpoints on this.
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