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The PS4 platform has just received a brand-new system software update, in the form of firmware version 2.55, which increases the console's stability when using certain features.

The PS4 has been around for quite some time now, and ever since its debut in November of 2013, Sony has kept on releasing various system software updates, designed to add plenty of fresh features and options, when it came to large launches, or just eliminate small issues, when it came to smaller, incremental releases.

Now, a brand-new incremental firmware update has just been released for the PS4. The new system software version 2.55 is available for download via the PlayStation Network.

The new firmware doesn't seem to bring any new features, as the changelog only lists the classic "System software stability during use of some features has been improved," according to fans on Reddit.

The new firmware weighs in at 233.8MB, so depending on your connection speed, it should get transferred and ready for installation in a decent amount of time.

It's unclear what new features Sony is preparing to add to the PS4 with its next major firmware update, so until the Japanese company decides to share more details, fans have to make do with these smaller system software releases.
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