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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the Dr.Web test!
Dr.Web is a Russian editor, competitor of Kaspersky for many years.
The software has been able to evolve, even if Dr.Web remains little known compared to its competitor.

In this version, the product emphasizes its efforts on the Cloud and the detection by behavior.
The interface does not change compared to its previous versions, but it is still complicated for novices...
Unfortunately, this may deter them from using Dr.Web.

Detection level is very average. Whether in Web or other (false crack or on the pack), Dr.Web is behind. The machine is infected very quickly and seriously.
An emergency disinfection is required.

Not recommended.

RAM Usage : Low
Malware URL test : 4/9 (5 missed - 1 dead)
Fake crack : 0/1 (All dropper's missed)
Malware Pack : Remaining 29 files out of 203.
Dr.Web was unlucky in this test.
Even though attacks were blocked by the behavioral protection, the machine is still severely infected.
An emergency disinfection is required.
But, a big thumbs up to the firewall for preventing several malware from connecting!

Resistance to script attacks: Medium

Result :
Dr.Web : 1 (Host modified)
NPE: 21
KVRT : 11

Recommand : Not recommended
System Clean : No system infected

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Jun 11, 2019
Doctor Web does not have such financial opportunities as Kaspersky, besides, almost all of the company's products are used mainly in Russia, plus a small part in the former republics of the USSR, and this vendor is almost unknown on the international market. Curing utility CureIt is one of the best utilities, but the antivirus itself is average in quality. Very good firewall. It is the firewall that stops many threats, and the proactive protection in the normal version is not very good, but in the enhanced version it is very paranoid.

Anthony Qian

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Apr 17, 2021
I only use Dr Web Virus Monitoring Service to help me to analyze suspicious samples...

As for the product itself, it is of mediocre quality. The firewall is extremely not user-friendly, popping up a lot of unnecessary alerts. It is not installed by default, though.


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Jan 7, 2014

Can u try clearsight antivirus free pls?

and by the way...preventon 2 xD

Thanks :) keep the good work
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ForgottenSeer 95367

The DrWeb firewall log located in ProgramData provides excellent detail for forensics, rule creation and troubleshooting:


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