New Update DuckDuckGo disables most search filters from Search


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Aug 17, 2014
Internet search engine DuckDuckGo launched an update recently that removed most search filters, also called operators, from the search engine. Removed search operators include "" to search for exact terms, the "-" and "+" operators to reduce or increase the weight of search terms, and filetype:type, which allowed users to search for specific filetypes using search.

Users of the search engine will notice that DuckDuckGo ignores all disabled filters now, even when specified by the user.

Search operators allow users to add rules to their searches to include or exclude results. Basic search operators include minus to limit results that contain the phrase that is specified, or the site operator to only return results from the specified domain.

DuckDuckGo, like many other search engines, supported several search operators that its users could add to their search queries directly.

duckduckgo search filters
DuckDuckgo updated its search syntax support website to reflect the change. It lists only the site operator on it and no other operator anymore. Code on the search engine's GitHub project page confirms the change as well.

DuckDuckGo is not the only search provider that is removing or reducing the impact of search filters. Google Search users, for instance, may have noticed that Google may not honor search filters all the time, especially when the "" exact search term filter is being used.

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