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Hi Guys;
today I wanna to discuss what is the most effective feature you like most in each software if you want to see it in one app ?
for me :
FROM 1) Eset: 1-pup detection 2-lightness 3-stability
2) Emsisoft: its behavior blocker
3) KAS: Removal capability
4) Comodo: Sandbox & HIPS (firewall)
5) Norton: Sonar cloud and its Reputation
1) Kaspersky: Detection rates and ability to stop malware in action.
2) COMODO: The annoying "DO YOU WANT TO RUN THIS". Reminds me of Window Vista ;-;
3) Sandboxie: The ability to stop malware from destroying your PC.

Behold Eck

Level 11
from my tests, OAP hips come in second place after comodo HIPS
Have you tested any other HIPS ? If so the results would make interesting reading.

PUPs Detection - Eset

General Detection - Hitman Pro

HIPS - Malware Defender

Firewall - Outpost

Self Protection - NVT

System Wide Virtualisation - Toolwiz TimeFreeze

Removal Capabilities - Malwarebytes

Online Protection - Sandboxie

Boot Time Scan - Avast

GUI - Returnil

Resourse Usage - Webroot

That just about covers everything that I would want in my fantasy program.

If anyone cares to snip these components together I would be most appreciative.

Regards Eck:)


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Windows Defender:

- Footprint: Very light on the system with no loss of performance felt anywhere in the system nor the boot time unlike MO3PS.
- Security: It works to protect the kernel level instead of being limited to the OS level like MO3PS.
- Protection: Good detection with Microsoft's Malware Protection Center database with hundreds of millions contributing to it.
- "Give me attention!": Non-intrusive or annoying in any shape or form, last FP was last year.
- Does The Job: Been using it for 3 years and not one infection.
- Prevention: Excellent with used in conjunction with UAC, SmartScreen, Windows Firewall and a safe responsible web user.
- Other: The Exclusions option actually works [MO3PS still deleted/quarantined objects even though they were excluded]