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Hi Guys;
today I wanna to discuss what is the most effective feature you like most in each software if you want to see it in one app ?
for me :
FROM 1) Eset: 1-pup detection 2-lightness 3-stability
2) Emsisoft: its behavior blocker
3) KAS: Removal capability
4) Comodo: Sandbox & HIPS (firewall)
5) Norton: Sonar cloud and its Reputation
1) Kaspersky: Detection rates and ability to stop malware in action.
2) COMODO: The annoying "DO YOU WANT TO RUN THIS". Reminds me of Window Vista ;-;
3) Sandboxie: The ability to stop malware from destroying your PC.
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Behold Eck

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from my tests, OAP hips come in second place after comodo HIPS
Have you tested any other HIPS ? If so the results would make interesting reading.

PUPs Detection - Eset

General Detection - Hitman Pro

HIPS - Malware Defender

Firewall - Outpost

Self Protection - NVT

System Wide Virtualisation - Toolwiz TimeFreeze

Removal Capabilities - Malwarebytes

Online Protection - Sandboxie

Boot Time Scan - Avast

GUI - Returnil

Resourse Usage - Webroot

That just about covers everything that I would want in my fantasy program.

If anyone cares to snip these components together I would be most appreciative.

Regards Eck:)


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Windows Defender:

- Footprint: Very light on the system with no loss of performance felt anywhere in the system nor the boot time unlike MO3PS.
- Security: It works to protect the kernel level instead of being limited to the OS level like MO3PS.
- Protection: Good detection with Microsoft's Malware Protection Center database with hundreds of millions contributing to it.
- "Give me attention!": Non-intrusive or annoying in any shape or form, last FP was last year.
- Does The Job: Been using it for 3 years and not one infection.
- Prevention: Excellent with used in conjunction with UAC, SmartScreen, Windows Firewall and a safe responsible web user.
- Other: The Exclusions option actually works [MO3PS still deleted/quarantined objects even though they were excluded]