Tutorial Effectively Configure AdGuard AdBlocker on Chrome, Firefox, Opera

May 22, 2014
Windows 10
Another big advantage of using Adguard (software) is that it can block software that is displayed in non-browser applications (Skype, Spotify, etc). This provides an added layer of security, and reduces the annoyance). Both Spotify and Skype have been previously been affected by serving malicious ads that caused PC infections. It's another layer to add to your protection if you wish.

Ads are proliferating not only the web, but desktop and mobile apps more frequently every day. Malvertising is also on the rise - and it has been implicated with spreading ransomware.

Regarding the browser extensions: On my desktop, I have noticed that the Adguard web extension uses less memory than AdBlockPlus and it is less buggy. Fewer crashes.

Thanks for the tutorial!