Elementary OS First Impressions: A Simple, Beautiful Doorway To Linux


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Jul 3, 2015
Too many distros. Each one has subtle differences in settings, and the same is true between various versions of the same distro. This makes it very difficult for the Linux-challenged to get help, because whatever solution they may find online, it probably won't work. Been there, done it.
I admit it, I am Linux-challenged. Just trying to get the keyboard to work for multiple languages is stressful, even if you just switch from Ubuntu to Mint, both of which are popular distros, and are supposed to be friendly to Windows expatriates. :(
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Linux was and will never be friendly to newcomers, despite what their fanboys will say. Tested many distros, wasted many hours googling how to do this or that, finally always went back to Windows... Why? Because with windows all is faster and easier to use.

Few things that I always disliked on Linux:

- Drivers are limited, even some are "generic" , good luck for using uncommon hardware.
- Architecture is made for security, and security don't do well with convenience.
- number of distros, each one changing their desktops erratically doesn't help.
- Linux being free will never attract the most popular productivity software/games vendors. Sure The Gimp or Libreoffice are good software but they will never compete with Photoshop or MS Office in term of usability and features.

Anyway, because I'm a bit bored on Windows lately, my security setups are final, I will probably retry Linux for learning sake.

My view:
Linux is for geeks
MacOS for graphists and designers.
Windows for gamers or companies.
ChromeOS will be for the average Joes.

Choose your poison.


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Oct 1, 2019
I think, that ReactOS is a good choice for a transition period from Windows to Linux.
When you are lucky in 2050 version 1.0 will go live, 😴 You will have a Windows NT/windows 2003 server compatible OS.

When you like retro you can actually load some Windows XP themes in ReactOS :cool:
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