New Update eM Client 9 BETA has just landed


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Apr 24, 2016
We have been hard at work here at eM Client and we are bringing you another heap of new features with the brand new eM Client 9 BETA! We heard you and added requested features such as Threads, Avatars in message list, Anti-Email Tracking options and more. See for yourself and send us your feedback so we can make eM Client 9 even better before the official release.

Version 9 features​


  • Quick filter for the current folder
    Using the filter icon in the upper corner of any item list you can filter out messages and other items that are flagged, unread, with attachments, encrypted, with tag, etc. in a second!
  • Redesigned advanced search
    You can now easily find and quickly create and apply advanced search via the icon on the right side of the Search bar.
  • Many dialogs redesigned and polished
    Settings, Spell-check, Distribution list and other windows are now using the same design as the rest of the app.
  • Printing now uses HTML rendering
    This makes it easier to save and export items as HTML or PDF.
  • Change account order with drag and drop
    You no longer need to go to the Accounts window to moves your folders around, simply drag and drop directly in the left pane!


  • Avatars shown in the message list
    Avatars are loaded from contacts or synchronized from the Gravatar service or site favicons.
  • Thread view for email conversations
    You can easily see and click through the emails in the conversations directly in the message list in both Compact and Single-line layout.
  • Message preview in the message list (1-3 lines)
    Enable previews in the message list to get the idea of what the message is about without having to open it fully.
  • Antitracking bar and Tracking pixel detection
    eM Client will warn you about tracking techniques used in your incoming emails in an infobar under the message header, helping you protect your privacy.
  • Improved support for tags
    This includes tags per account, and colors synchronization for Gmail
  • Support for server signatures synchronization for Gmail and Exchange
    Set up your signature in one place and have it seamlessly appear in all your devices!
  • Resend feature
    You can now resend the whole email as-is more easily, using the same recipients.
  • Limited time sync for IMAP and Exchange
    Keep only the most recent messages in your device and enjoy the super-fast initial loading of folders and synchronization of larger accounts. This can be especially useful on slow connections or when you're using paid data and don't want to waste money and time downloading ancient emails.
  • Inboxes global folder for quick access to all inboxes on one place
    New special folders section 'Inboxes' at the top of your folder list will make all Inboxes even more accessible than before.
  • Support for 3rd party PGP keys lookup services
    eM Client can now lookup keys at and ProtonMail servers to simplify encrypted communication even more!
  • Import rules from Outlook
    Switching to eM Client is easier than ever.
  • Quick note for message feature
    You can easily add a note to your message without having to change its properties in any way.
  • Undo send feature
    Set up an automatic fail-safe up to 10 seconds to recall an accidentally sent message.
  • Quick attachment forward
    Need to forward just the attachment, without the original message? You can now simply right-click the file to do so.
  • Snooze and Watch for reply status synchronization for Exchange and compatible IMAP servers
    Snoozed and Watched emails will no longer be stored offline in eM Client only, you can get notified at the right time on any device!
  • Simplified rules creation
  • Quick Toggle between dark and light version of email in dark mode
    Message in the dark mode not showing up correctly? You can easily view it in light mode without having to change your theme!


  • RSVP for invitations shown in the message list
    Send a response to an event invite with a single click using the button in the message list, without having to open the invitation email at all.
  • Support for additional online meeting providers (Webex, GoToMeeting)


  • New and redesigned view for tasks
  • Agenda in sidebar based on Getting Things Done methodology
    Tame your daily agenda with the redesigned Agenda sidebar!


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