Please read it before start: Free Secure Email Certificate

These days when e-mail has become the main means of personal and business communication and stealing information is what trade secret crimes thrive on, the problems of securing email and safeguarding privacy are on everyone's mind.

Even if your job does not imply sending your company's secrets that need to be protected from unwanted eyes, you may look for a little personal privacy. Whatever your reason is, the most reliable ways to secure your communications with co-workers, friends and family are mail encryption and digital signatures. Outlook email encryption protects the contents of your messages against unauthorized reading, while a digital signature ensures that your original message has not been modified and comes from a certain sender.

Encrypting email it Outlook may sound like a daunting task, but it is actually quite simple.
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I am not sure but you can try the similar steps on Thunderbird to use the certificate on your mails.
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I respect this, and thanks for the post.
But I don't have to go through these steps thanks to ProtonMail
and I trust them far more than my messages passing through MS servers.
ProtonMail is the "worlds" most secure email provider. I know that sounds like
a bold statement but see for yourself : Secure email: ProtonMail is free encrypted email.
The only email provider that can claim to be NSA proof ;)