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Emotet’s authors have upgraded the malware's Wi-Fi spreader by making it a fully-fledged module and adding new functionality as shown by samples recently spotted in the wild.

We previously reported that Emotet is now capable of spreading to new victims connected to nearby insecure wireless networks using a Wi-Fi worm module.

The recent updates to the module come after the same stand-alone spreader version was used by the Emotet gang for at least two years without no noticeable changes as researchers at Binary Defense show in a report shared with BleepingComputer earlier this week.

Also, the upgraded Wi-Fi worm module is already being used in the wild according to researchers at Binary Defense who spotted the newly upgraded spreader.

A researcher found evidence of Emotet Wi-Fi spreader being used to spread throughout one of his client's networks as Binary Defense threat researcher and Cryptolaemus contributor James Quinn told BleepingComputer.