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Released: Emsisoft Enterprise Console 11.9 released

Emsisoft Enterprise Console released. This release adds improvements in funcationality, usability and stability.

  • New: Auto-update feature to keep all components of the software up-to-date.
  • New: Completely re-worked Reports section with a number of new report types.
  • New: Completely re-worked Settings section with more detailed configuration.
  • Improved: Quick-fix feature to resolve issues on client computers.
  • Improved: Re-worked user manual.
  • Fixed: Password should only be reset after successful delivery of the password reset email.
  • Fixed: Email setting ‘Require TLS’ and ‘Without TLS’ are reversed.
  • Fixed: Occasional error when opening Deploy or Scan dialog.
  • Fixed: Reboot required when attempting to uninstall the software while the GUI part is still open.
  • Fixed: Clients grid does not display the last Emsisoft Anti-Malware user once the user has logged out.
  • Fixed: Occasional error in clients grid filter functionality.
  • Fixed: Occasional black background of tooltips on Windows 7.

Download the software for free at the Emsisoft Enterprise Console product page.


Source: Emsisoft Enterprise Console 11.9 released
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